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Aldaris CPA Group was started to help Driftwood clients take command of their funds and experience year-round assurance.


If we’re just getting going as the tax due date impends, do not fret, you’ll be in good hands quickly as well as long right into the future.


Long before we prepare your taxes, we prepare you to be economically effective. We produce solutions you can execute as soon as possible.

Our Process

We Deal with a Range of Individual & Corporates Accounting Options

Tax Planning & Preparation

  • Evaluation and also amend prior returns
  • Strategy as well as apply methods to optimize tax liability
  • Prepare and also file annual and quarterly returns
  • Review returns and also improve technique for the coming year

Tax Resolution & Audit Response

  • Work with your Driftwood company in all interactions with the IRS
  • Advocate on your behalf, clear up any miscommunications
  • Bargain advantageous resolutions
  • Execute adjustments to decrease common triggers for future audits

Organization Structure & Method

  • Analyze company model, capital, company structure and growth plans
  • Produce as well as implement methods to limit legal as well as financial danger as well as improve cash flow
  • Separate business and also individual properties and plan major expenditures
  • Lessen tax liability, and also guarantee long-lasting development, productivity and success


While you can’t avoid paying taxes, you can avoid the stress and anxiety that comes when you file.

Aldaris CPA Group was established to help Driftwood WA clients take control of their funds as well as take pleasure in year-round satisfaction. We collaborate with individuals, families and also small to medium-sized organizations. As your relied on consultants, we’re available to meet you face to face, address your concerns and also go over audio financial methods to finest protect your riches and also grow your service.


Many Driftwood WA accounting professionals are unreachable during tax time

We’re available when you need us most in Driftwood. In most cases, we do not start our connection by preparing your year-end taxes. We specialize in proactive services and technique. By learning more about you and your service ahead of tax period, we can create and carry out methods to assist you much better handle cash flow, safeguard Driftwood service and individual properties, plan major expenses and reduce your total tax liability.
“Hiring Edwin was one of the first and one of the best decisions I ever made when I first launched my company. He’s gone up to bat for me several times and is always on top of the latest changes in tax law. I couldn’t recommend Edwin more.”
Tylor B.

“At all times, Edwin has been professional, approachable, and incredibly talented at what he does. We are incredibly pleased with the work of Aldaris CPA Group and we highly recommend that you and your family consider this team for your CPA needs.”
Dion W.

“I can’t say enough good things about Edwin and the Aldaris Group. He is much more than just an accountant. He is what a real accountant should be. Someone who helps you strategically manage your wealth to minimize taxes, risk exposure, while maximizing your wealth creation. He is extremely knowledgeable and creative in his solutions.”
Chris L.

We’ll Ready You For Success

Just before we prep your Driftwood taxes, we prepare you to be monetarily successful

We take a look at where you are currently, the instructions you’re headed and if that’s not where you intend to go, we’ll get you back on course. We talk plainly, provide compassionate advise as well as create solutions you can execute right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The length of time should I maintain my financial records?
You ought to maintain your financial and tax records for a minimum of three years as the IRS typically has 3 years to analyze your records.
Exactly how do I examine the condition of my income tax return?
To check the status of your return, most likely to https://www.irs.gov/refunds as well as click on “Examine My Refund Standing.” You will certainly require to supply personal details to validate who you are prior to you can check out the status of your tax reimbursement.
What should I give my very first tax assessment?
If you are individual tax payer, bring a minimum of 2 years of income tax return. If you are a firm or a small business, you need to bring at least 3 years of income tax return along with three years of financial statements. Similarly, whether you are an individual or firm, you ought to bring any papers you wish us to review and also suggest you on.
I'm a sole proprietor, do I really need a CPA?
It depends. If a sole proprietor is not utilized to keeping track of their time, preserving a collection of publications, as well as is overwhelmed with the taxation of sole owners (as well as reserving funds for taxes), then this would certainly be the possibility to connect to an accountant.
Just how commonly should I talk to my accountant?
It depends. For individuals, at the very least when annually, generally in the third quarter, is the most effective time to connect to your accountant. For corporate clients, a minimum of 2 times annually. Some people and also companies might need to see their accountant extra as one-of-a-kind tax scenarios arise throughout the year.
How much does an accountant expense?
This is a typical inquiry we receive. Every accountant has their own approach of payment customers. We suggest that instead considering cost only, you ought to assess the services an accountant provides as well as identify if there is value in those solutions. Our practice uses a crossbreed of fixed cost and also value-based billing.

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