Being an accountant is one of the most hectic jobs around the world. We process thousands, if not millions of transactions, every day to the point that we no longer remember what rest feels. That being said, the holidays are still a chance for us to slow down and put down our worksheets once in a while.

Like with other professions, CPA firms celebrate holidays in unique and rewarding ways. Although different for every firm, the most common message is often camaraderie and love for our jobs. In this article by Teri Saylor December 2018, she discusses some ways different holiday traditions of firms across the US.

CPA firms share their holiday traditions

From holding ugly sweater contests to eating delicious lunches and helping those less fortunate, CPA firms across the country are celebrating the holiday season in style. We asked AICPA members to describe their favorite holiday traditions. And they didn’t disappoint. Here’s how these firms host joyful observances to build camaraderie, reward employees for their hard work, and give back to their communities. Click here to read more…

Celebrations during the holidays should help teams foster their trust and openness with each other. It is also an opportunity for managers to express their gratitude towards their subordinates. This recognition helps employees feel that their hard work is not disregarded. In her article, last November 2018 on the Journal of Accountancy, Anslee Wolfe discussed ways employers can recognize staff.

Recognizing staff at the end of the year

The holiday season is an ideal time to recognize team members’ contributions before the busy tax season gets underway. Don’t underestimate how much showing your appreciation means to staff, said Erin Daiber, CPA, an executive coach, and leadership consultant and founder of the San Diego-based Well Balanced Accountants.

“Everyone likes to be recognized when they are doing a good job, especially if it’s in an area that they have been focused on developing their skills,” she said. “It lets them know that their hard work has not gone unnoticed, and it encourages them to keep going and to seek out other areas where they can improve.” Click here to read more…

Besides growing internally, firms and CPAs can also take advantage of holidays to grow their business. The holidays are also an opportunity to learn the spending behavior of clients to create an accounting plan for them. It also has other benefits, as discussed here in Wolfe’s article, “What people like to do on vacation—and why CPAs should care.”

What people like to do on vacation—and why CPAs should care

Vacations spent lounging on a beach are in demand more than those that involve trekking up a mountain, according to a recent survey that shows nearly twice as many people worldwide prefer relaxing trips over active ones.

The insight is valuable for CPAs who work with clients in the travel and leisure industry because it can help them shape more efficient business strategies, said Amanda Martin, global PR, and content manager for GfK, a market research company. Click here to read more…

As we have read, the holidays are a perfect opportunity to grow both the bond between employees and employers. It is also a great way to perfect the art of learning how to address the issues our clients face in their accounting. Finally, Happy Holidays everyone!