Cryptocurrency Tax Advisory Services

Whether you’re all in, or just playing around, if you’re a US resident, the time will come to report your activity to the IRS. Stay ahead of the IRS and protect your crypto assets with this exclusive tax advisory NFT from Aldaris CPA; the only NFT that evolves as regulations evolve.

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Tax Planning & Strategy

The IRS has their eyes on your crypto.  Don’t be caught unaware!  Prepare yourself with the tax advisory NFT, only from Aldaris CPA!  Real tax professionals are ready to answer your questions. 

Gain/Loss Reporting

Is your crypto taxable or not?  Gain access to the tax advisory services of the professionals at Aldaris CPA, where you’ll find the answers you need to stay on top of all the latest crypto developments!

Annual IRS Tax Return

Just because there’s no guidance from the IRS regarding cryptocurrency metaverse trading, doesn’t mean regulation isn’t coming. Tax professionals at Aldaris CPA are on top of all the latest developments.

Coming Soon: “The Ledger NFT”

The crypto marketplace is evolving so rapidly, most CPAs don’t have time to stay up to the minute while staying on top of all the other IRS tax code changes that come down the mountain every year. CPAs who are staying on top of crypto are likely active traders like Edwin.

Edwin has been in finance and accounting for more than a decade and founded Aldaris CPA Group in 2014. He was an early cryptocurrency investor and is constantly staying up to date on the latest twists and turns in the marketplace, legislation, and regulatory issues.

How Does It Work?

The Aldaris CPA Group tax advisory NFT allows you to pay for tax advisory services without having to pull your money out of the crypto market. We accept Etherium at prices reflective of market values when the scope of work is agreed to. Once you agree to services, you will receive an invoice with set prices based on the current market value.

 The tax services provided include a duration of 2 years. Once payment is made the Aldaris CPA Group will provide service for 2 years. At which time the NFT will expire and another NFT will need to be purchased. 

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Aldaris CPA is well-qualified to help investors across the risk spectrum to avoid surprises during tax season and steer clear of costly mistakes while investing. If you’re ready to create a solid cryptocurrency tax strategy, you’re in the right place.

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