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Aldaris CPA Group – Providing accounting services to Families and Business Clients in West Seattle and Northwest Washington.

Trust Worthy

Aldaris CPA Group was founded to help clients take control of their finances and enjoy year-round peace of mind.


If we’re just getting started as the tax deadline looms, don’t worry, you’ll be in good hands immediately and long into the future.


Before we prepare your taxes, we prepare you to be financially successful. We create solutions you can implement right away.

What we Do

We Cover an Array of Individual & Corporates Accounting Services

Tax Planning & Preparation

  • Review and amend previous returns
  • Plan and implement strategies to optimize tax liability
  • Prepare and file annual and quarterly returns
  • Review returns and refine strategy for the coming year

Audit Response & Tax Resolution

  • Represent your company in all interactions with the IRS
  • Advocate on your behalf, clarify any miscommunications
  • Negotiate beneficial resolutions
  • Implement changes to reduce common triggers for future audits

Business Structure & Strategy

  • Analyze business model, cash flow, business structure and growth plans
  • Create and implement strategies to limit legal and financial risk and improve cash flow
  • Separate business and personal assets and plan major expenses
  • Minimize tax liability, and ensure long-term growth, profitability and success

You Can’t Avoid Taxes

While you can’t avoid paying taxes, you can avoid the anxiety that comes when you file.

Aldaris CPA Group was founded to help clients take control of their finances and enjoy year-round peace of mind. We work with individuals, families and small to medium-sized businesses. As your trusted advisors, we’re available to meet with you in person, answer your questions and discuss sound financial strategies to best protect your wealth and grow your business.

Not Your Typical Accounting Firm

Most accountants are unreachable during tax time

We’re available when you need us most. In most cases, we don’t start our relationship by preparing your year-end taxes. We specialize in proactive solutions and strategy. By getting to know you and your business in advance of tax season, we can develop and implement strategies to help you better manage cash flow, protect business and personal assets, plan major expenses and reduce your overall tax liability.

“Hiring Edwin was one of the first and one of the best decisions I ever made when I first launched my company. He’s gone up to bat for me several times and is always on top of the latest changes in tax law. I couldn’t recommend Edwin more.”
Tylor B.

“At all times, Edwin has been professional, approachable, and incredibly talented at what he does. We are incredibly pleased with the work of Aldaris CPA Group and we highly recommend that you and your family consider this team for your CPA needs.”
Dion W.

“I can’t say enough good things about Edwin and the Aldaris Group. He is much more than just an accountant. He is what a real accountant should be. Someone who helps you strategically manage your wealth to minimize taxes, risk exposure, while maximizing your wealth creation. He is extremely knowledgeable and creative in his solutions.”
Chris L.

We’ll Prepare You For Success

Before we prepare your taxes, we prepare you to be financially successful

We look at where you are now, the direction you’re headed and if that’s not where you want to go, we’ll get you back on track. We speak clearly, offer empathetic counsel and create solutions you can implement right away.

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