Bookkeeping Services For Companies on the Grow

Many small businesses don’t go out of business because of the quality of service or
product, they go under due to poor financial management. Common problems include
missed payments on bank loans, missteps with tax reporting and payments, and missed
opportunities to effectively manage cash flow. Improper bookkeeping also creates
headaches and unnecessary expenses at tax time when your CPA tries to prepare your
returns from unorganized files.

Aldaris CPA Group has a solution: bookkeeping services, customized for your
business, under the strategy and senior management of your Aldaris CPA.
Bookkeeping by Aldaris CPA Group ensures your company has a cash flow operation
that works, covers all bases, and is in line with your CPA’s strategy and financial plan.

Your Aldaris CPA will match you to the proven bookkeeper from our staff that best
meets the needs of your company. Your bookkeeper can work onsite or online, or remotely, securely
transferring documents by courier and parcel service; as needed they can add hours on-
site at your office on select days each month.

Aldaris Bookkeepers are proficient on QuickBooks Pro, Freshbooks, Xero, Wave and
other accounting platforms. We can recommend a platform that would work best for you
and train your employees to use it.