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Aldaris CPA Group was founded to help clients take control of their finances and enjoy year-round peace of mind.


If we’re just getting started as the tax deadline looms, don’t worry, you’ll be in good hands immediately and long into the future.


Before we prepare your taxes, we prepare you to be financially successful. We create solutions you can implement right away.

Plan For The Changes

Don’t Face Financial Challenges Without A Plan

Financial Planning

Life changes can affect your tax liability and financial strategy. Some changes you can plan for. Others you anticipate. The rest you react to. That’s where we come in.

Retirement Planning

As your CPA, our job isn’t to help you choose investments; we’re here to help you better understand your investments, your financial options and your potential strategies.

Debt & Finance Services

If you’re in debt, we can discuss your current cash flow and spending habits to better help you create a path to solvency.

For Individuals & Families

The Right Questions Can Avoid Financial Pitfalls

Is Independence Important?

Is your financial plan on track to help you live independently when you retire? We can help you weigh the options and make wise decisions.

Do You Know Your Credit?

We can look at your FICO Score and provide strategies to help you improve it. The better your credit rating, the better rates you can secure for a credit card, home mortgage or auto loan.

Has Your Life Changed Recently?

In the past year, did your income change? Did you make a major purchase, get married, have children, get divorced, receive an inheritance, go on disability or relocate?

Do You Have A Written Plan?

A properly structured financial plan enables you to face any financial challenge or opportunity that may present itself at every twist and turn in your life.
“Hiring Edwin was one of the first and one of the best decisions I ever made when I first launched my company. He’s gone up to bat for me several times and is always on top of the latest changes in tax law. I couldn’t recommend Edwin more.”
Tylor B.

“At all times, Edwin has been professional, approachable, and incredibly talented at what he does. We are incredibly pleased with the work of Aldaris CPA Group and we highly recommend that you and your family consider this team for your CPA needs.”
Dion W.

“I can’t say enough good things about Edwin and the Aldaris Group. He is much more than just an accountant. He is what a real accountant should be. Someone who helps you strategically manage your wealth to minimize taxes, risk exposure, while maximizing your wealth creation. He is extremely knowledgeable and creative in his solutions.”
Chris L.

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