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Aldaris CPA Group was founded to help clients take control of their finances and enjoy year-round peace of mind.


If we’re just getting started as the tax deadline looms, don’t worry, you’ll be in good hands immediately and long into the future.


Before we prepare your taxes, we prepare you to be financially successful. We create solutions you can implement right away.

Proactive Vs Reactive Approach

Don’t Wait Until The End Of The Year To Think About Taxes

Tax Planning & Preparation

We will walk you through the process to get the required paperwork from your files or your bookkeeper.

IRS Representation

We have many years of experience dealing with federal and state tax agencies. Whenever possible, we will try to detect and resolve issues that could trigger an audit.

Estate & Trust Tax Preparation

As your CPA, we can counsel you and your attorney during the drafting or update of your estate plan. After your death, we can ensure that financial aspects of the will are implemented and that your heirs are not exposed to undue tax obligation.

Make The Most Of This Years Return

There’s No Better Time Than Now

Stay Current On Changes

We keep current on hundreds of changes to the Federal, State and Local tax laws and legislation. We pass the relevant expertise and best practices onto our clients.

Proactive Tax Strategy

Instead of coming up with a strategy during the preparation of your annual tax return, we’re merely executing your plan as April 15th approaches.

Experienced Audit Defense

Audits can seem daunting, but they don’t need to be. We need to prepare your case, document your claims and clearly present it to auditors. If an audit can’t be avoided, we usher you through the process as swiftly as possible.

Minimize Tax Liability

We’ll help you make the most out of this year’s return and set the stage for success for years to come.
“Hiring Edwin was one of the first and one of the best decisions I ever made when I first launched my company. He’s gone up to bat for me several times and is always on top of the latest changes in tax law. I couldn’t recommend Edwin more.”
Tylor B.

“At all times, Edwin has been professional, approachable, and incredibly talented at what he does. We are incredibly pleased with the work of Aldaris CPA Group and we highly recommend that you and your family consider this team for your CPA needs.”
Dion W.

“I can’t say enough good things about Edwin and the Aldaris Group. He is much more than just an accountant. He is what a real accountant should be. Someone who helps you strategically manage your wealth to minimize taxes, risk exposure, while maximizing your wealth creation. He is extremely knowledgeable and creative in his solutions.”
Chris L.

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