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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I retain my financial records?
You should keep your financial and tax records for at least three years as the IRS typically has three years to examine your records.
How do I check the status of my tax return?
To check the status of your return, go to and click on “Check My Refund Status.” You will need to provide personal information to verify who you are before you can view the status of your tax refund.
What should I bring to my first tax consultation?
If you are individual tax payer, bring at least two years of tax returns. If you are a corporation or a small business, you should bring at least three years of tax returns as well as three years of financial statements. Likewise, whether you are an individual or corporation, you should bring any documents you wish us to review and advise you on.
I’m a sole proprietor, do I really need a CPA?
It depends. If a sole proprietor is not used to keeping track of their time, maintaining a set of books, and is overwhelmed with the taxation of sole proprietors (as well as setting aside funds for taxes), then this would be the opportunity to reach out to an accountant.
How often should I talk to my accountant?
It depends. For individuals, at least once per year, usually in the third quarter, is the best time to reach out to your accountant. For corporate clients, at least two times per year. Some individuals and corporations may need to see their accountant more as unique tax situations arise throughout the year.
How much does an accountant cost?
This is a common question we receive. Every accountant has their own method of billing clients. We recommend that rather looking at cost only, you should evaluate the services an accountant offers and determine if there is value in those services. Our practice employs a hybrid of fixed fee and value-based billing.

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