If you found this article, I’m guessing that you’re probably frustrated with how your bookkeeping’s being managed. I get it. Well, today, I’ll give you four simple tips on how you can hire a good Seattle bookkeeper so that you can become a little bit more hands-off with your accounting. And instead, focus on running your business is the issue.

Business Owners Struggle With Bookkeeping

Many businesses in The United States struggle with keeping a tidy set of books because they’re hiring bookkeepers who don’t have the right skills. If you’re running a business, your accounting records should be well-maintained so that you can keep tabs on how you’re doing performance-wise and also work out how much tax you owe when they’re messy. You can’t achieve either of these to compound this problem. When you’ve hired a mediocre bookkeeper who makes many mistakes, your accountant generally then needs to pick up the pieces and do a cleanup job. This ends up costing you more time and double the fees when the work only needs to be done once. So now for our tips.

Tip one, hire a bookkeeper who has a basic understanding of tax law and income tax deductions. This will give you a lot more certainty about knowing where you stand with the tax office and planning your cash flow.

Stay Up To Date With Latest Technology

Tip two, make sure that your bookkeeper keeps up to date with the latest technology and innovations in accounting software. Accounting has become much more straightforward and automated. The days of manual book entry are truly gone. Automation is a big time-saver and ensuring you hire a bookkeeper that understands this is key.

Tip three, ensure that your bookkeeper has excellent attention to detail. For example, your bookkeeper should be paying attention to simple things on an invoice. These things include the date, the names, and the amount. These are just some simple things that you can check yourself. However, if you are still stuck, reach out to your accountant, or even better, call us at Aldaris CPA Group. We’ll answer your questions for you.

Negotiate A Fixed Fee

Tip four, agree with your bookkeeper on a fixed fee, whether it be monthly or weekly. As I mentioned earlier, the days of manual data entry no longer exist, and your bookkeeper should not be charging for hours when they can automate most of your processes.

I hope the few tips we covered today will give you a good overview of what to look out for when hiring a prospective bookkeeper. If you’re interested in getting some more profound insights, give us a call so we can set up a consultation and get your taxes and books set upright.